Your obligations and rights as unemployed during the corona crisis


28 may 2020

On the 27 of May 2020, the minister of employment decided that, with immediate effect, all unemployed members must reactivate their job search and job logging, accept offered jobs, attend meetings and participate in activation.

This mean that:

  • You must actively look for work and fill in your job log. For every week that you wish to claim benefits, you must upload at least two applications for full-time (37 hours) positions to your joblog. One of them must be a posted job and both of them must concern jobs in Denmark. Every month, starting with June, you must furthermore upload at least two CVs and/or applications.

  • You must be available for work offered to you

  • You must participate in meetings with CA and the Jobcenter

  • You have the right and obligation to participate in activation

On Corona-FAQ at (in Danish only) you can learn more about these conditions and about how we and the Jobcenter must take it into consideration if you have problems with child minding or belong to a special Covid risk group, etc.

Use of your benefit rights is still suspended 

Your benefit rights were extended because of the corona crisis, so that in the period from 1 March to 30 June 2020 your right to benefits will not be reduced. Your right to claim supplementary benefits is not affected by your claims for weeks 9–26. These extensions still applies, although you now need to actively apply for jobs.