Goal Mapping - transform your dreams into achievable goals

Brian Mayne invented Goal Mapping. Katalin Kõnya became Kickboxing World Champion by using it. Now you can learn Goal Mapping from Katalin on CA's workshops. 

Katalin Kõnya, World Champion by using Goal MappingDo you have trouble setting goals and sticking to them? Then grab a crayon, visualize your goals, and draw them on a piece of paper.

It may sound like a joke, but Goal Mapping is a simple technique, which helps you to activate both sides of your brain to achieve what you want.

World wide succes with drawing maps

The groundbreaking technique is developed by Brian Mayne. Author of the bestseller ‘Goal Mapping’ and has helped millions of people to achieve their goals.

"Goal setting is possibly the most powerful skill a person can have. The key is to command your subconscious. It is like your own personal navigation or satellite system", as Bryan Mayne said to CNN in the article: The key to your next promotion - paper and crayons.

Goal Mapping workshops for free

Goal Mapping is used by many successful athletes, business people and companies all over the world. British Telecom uses it. Microsoft has used it on 65.000 employees all over the world.

And now you can learn Goal Mapping for free in workshops In CA.

Learn from a World Champion

The Goalmapping workshop is led by CA Career Counselor Katalin Kõnya. She is a Goal Mapping Certified Practitioner and a three times Kickboxing World Champion.

In 2013 she discovered Goal Mapping and she created her first Goal Map. Since she started using this simple goal-setting tool, radical changes started to happen is her life.

From being unemployed she turned into a business owner; after 8 years of break from kickboxing she came back and achieved her biggest goal in sport and now she is two times World Champion of WKU and she won IBK World Champion title in 2014.

Workshops - sign up

The workshop will be held in English and is available for all CA members - free of charge. 

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The purpose of the workshop is

- To help you understand the importance of goal-setting,
- Empower your personal beliefs,
- Learn how to condition your subconscious mind for success,
- Provide an effective goal-setting tool,
- Maximize the potential of your skills at all level in order to achieve, grow and change.


What you will learn

- The benefits of positive thinking,
- The power of subconscious mind,
- The DAC factor,
- Raising your awareness, personal paradigm and their effects on your performance,
- Developing possibility consciousness, fine tuning your beliefs to release your potential,
- Creating your own goal map.



Katalin Kónya

Katalin Kónya used Goal Mapping to become a Kickboxing World Champion. 

Today as a Goal Mapping Certified Practitioner and Career consultant in CA, she inspires and teaches hundreds of people to fight for their dreams and maximise their potentials.



CNN: The key to your next promotion? Paper and crayons.

Read CNN's article on Goal Mapping, Brian Mayne and Katalin Kõnya.

Download Goal Mapping templates

You can read more about Goal Mapping and download free Goal Mapping templates on Brian Mayne's homepage